Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super busy unproductive day

Maddie's Sweet Sixteen

Today was super busy and unproductive for me. First i have been thinking that hubs was going away with his scout troop for the weekend and then i find out that he is not. so that should help me but well, not really. then my son came home from college today instead of tomorrow which again you would think would help but it doesn't. Work was super busy but the day dragged on and on. Then i tried to update out facebook page and it didn't like me. By the way, please feel free to stop by and like L and M Bakery in Delran, NJ! (on facebook) I forget to palce the order for new rabbit food we want to try from a new dealer. We have 10 or 12 rabbits and they eat a lot. We jsut acquired a new one yesterday. Trixie is such a cutie. I haven't even had a chance to see what sex it is though!  After work i had to meet my daughter and go to the chiropractor. Hoping it helps cuz my sacroiliac is killing me! Then i went to two stores for my husband's party on sunday and then back to the same store for my daughter's party on saturday! Can't believe my youngest will be 16!! and she is going all out!! or rather making me go all out!! At least i was able to be crafty with her invites for her party. I liked how they came out.Then i had to take maddie to the orthodontist cuz she felt like her expander was falling out. Turns out her mouth is expanding so quickly that it is jsut a bit unaligned. but it's fine. I am so hoping that this mean her actual braces will work quickly and that maybe jsut maybe she won't have braces for senior portraits!! oh well, she is beautiful any way so it won't matter, to me at least. Then it was back to the food store for more party stuff and a few things for the house. I finally got home at 8pm!! Still have computer stuff to catch up on and paper work for hubs to handle!! It's days like these that make it impossible for me to get anything done for me!! Boooo!!! Hope you had a creative day!!

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