Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 21st!!

My eldest daughter, Mary Kate, aka , MK, finally turned 21 a few weeks ago. All she wanted was a pair of monogrammed earrings she found on a website called They are really adorable and very much her! She was thrilled! I decided to make this cute box from the AP cart out of acetate. I was worried how it woudl come out. Of course, I had my stash of sheets from my dear sweet Canadian friend Tammy and of course when I needed them, I couldn't find them. Of course, they were right in form of me and I was able to figure out this super easy project. I even cut out smaller ones for the love bugs to decorate, but they "hid" them for MK and we still don't know where!!


  1. sorry not sure why the one pic is upside down!

  2. So glad I was able to help with this project.(Canadian Friend) Looks very nice. will have to try these.