Saturday, November 3, 2012

That was some storm!!

I hope you all fared well during Hurricane Sandy! We lost power for about 17 hours and one tree fell. (Thanks Sandy!) We still have friends who are without power and others who have lost everything.The phrase "going to the beach!" will have a new meaning for a lot of people for a long time.

The plus side of the storm for me was that I was able to hop through some great blogs, do some baking, cleaned out a file cabinet, hubs cleaned his part of the room--and through out a bag of clothes and two bags of trash!)

 I also spent time organizing my Pinterest boards and am oddly proud to say that i did almost everything on my Halloween board! OK this is a big deal for me, hand clapping would be appreciated!! :)

 I did find time to make a few craft items including this one below. I made a few and then got carried away and made them for some special little ones I know and some co workers.

Our Halloween activities were postponed til Monday so I don't feel as though I am late! (Although, I'm not gonna lie, I am beyond ready to switch my decorations to Thanksgiving!--my favorite holiday!!!)
I put little dum dum pops in them. In retrospect, I would have used double sided paper, but they are for little kids who won't care, they just want the candy!

 I am working on a plan to reconfigure them into Santa hats! Really wish I could give credit to who ever created the file, but it has slipped my mind. I will check Pinterest later and see if I saved it there.

Have a great  night and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Clap, clap, clap. Great job, looks good.

  2. Thanks to my friend, Tammy from She found the link to the svg file for the hats!!